Ray Bans Nashville entrepreneur offers

Nashville entrepreneur offers solution to NFL’s clear

Where some see a hassle, others see an opportunity.

When the National Football League announced a new clear bag policy for this year’s season, Nashville entrepreneur Laura Rottmann began pitching a more stylish alternative.

As a new security measure that stemmed in part from this year’s Ray Bans Boston Marathon bombing, the NFL now requires those who attend games to carry belongings in clear bags with size restrictions. Big purses and backpacks can’t come in the stadium. That’s where Rottmann’s Clear Handbags More comes in.

Rottmann has been selling clear tote bags, lunchbags and handbags to those who work in places with bag restrictions, such as warehouses and casinos, since 2010. The product was inspired by a former job that required Rottmann to carry such a bag and she noticed a lack of available clear products. After the NFL announcement in June, she increased production. That she already had a line being manufactured has given her an edge over club merchandi Ray Bans rong> Ray Bans se outlets selling bags with team logos and she has sold to hundreds of fans so far, according to a news release.

“The NFL caught many manufacturers by surprise by maki Ray Bans ng its announcement in mid June,” Rottmann said in the release. “We were lucky in that we moved quickly to get an order placed with our factory so that we have inventory now available.”