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Nashua Telegraph (Newspaper) February 9, 1977, Nashua, New Hampshire Telegraph, Wednesday, February 31 Area Driving Licenses Revoked Thirty one area drivers were among those persons whose licenses were revoked during the past week by Frederick N. Clarke Jr., Director of Motor Vehicles. Losing their licenses for driving while intoxicated were: Charles Barnard, 21, Albert J. Chasse, 18, Michael :B. Doyle, 32, Emile L. Leahy, 20, Arthur L. Lintott, 69, John J. fattelena Jr., 33, and Ben jamin L. Sirois, 32, of Nashua; Richard A. Therrien, 34, Edwin Sybiak, 57, and Marc M. Denny, 30, of Derry; Peter T. Blanchard, 51, Stephen L. Comolli. 29, and Frank Dor man, 22, of Merrimack; Stephen M. Brown, 26, and Mark T. Johnson, 19, of Lon donderry; David C. Alex ander, 38, of Windham; James P. Crowley, 63, of Hudson; and John Stark, 57, of Milford. Those losing their licenses for having three convictions included: Mikel G. Leets, 19, and Glen D. Rockwell, 27, of Nashua; Brian E. Hale, 23, and George A. Dubois II, 20, and Wayne F. Barre Ray Ban Outlet tt, 23, of Derry; Edward J. Buckus, 42, of Londonderry: and Kevin Bujnowski, 19, of Hudson. Losing their licenses under the state’s implied consent law were: William E. Webb, 29, and Laurence D. DeWitt, 45, of Nashua; Ronald Whitten, 48, of Milford; and Brian W. Hermandinger, 27, of Derry. John A. The complete list of revocations follows: Driving While Intoxicated Daniel F. Allen, 24, Port smouth; John M. Angerame, 28, Bethlehem; Riel S. Ar coite, 21, Lawrence, Mass.; William R. Bagley, 3l’, Kingston: Raymond R. Baron, 33, Manchester; Ann H. Barr. 36, Lynchburg, Va.; Danny Bartlett, 24, W. Franklin; Luke Batchelder, 16. Moultonboro; Robert M. Beal, 45, Boscawen; James D. Beaulieu, 20, Marlboro; James J. Beckingham, Jr., 48, Dover; Bruce A. Berchtold, 23. Newmarket; Thomas W. Bernier, Jr., 19, Newmarket; William C. Blood, 29, No. Woodstock; Angela M. Boisvert, 30, Manchester; Omer Bourgeois, 44, Manchester; Charles E. Braman, 38, Lawrence, Mass.; James F. Breton, 19, Brockton. Mass.: Michael H. Brooks. 21, Colebrook; Frank J. Brown, 33, Barrington; Mary Ann Brown, 35, Moultonboro: George W. Brust. 18, Andover, Mass.; John C. Burnett, 28, Keene. Also Roland G. Caron, 21. Keene: David A. Castelot, 21, Manchester; Damus W, Champagne, 60, Littleton; Raymond Chase, 29, Littleton; Thomas A. Chase, 21, W. Chesterfield; R. Gregory Claar, 17, Stratham; Rene Cloutier, 18, Berlin; Harold C. Coburn, Jr., 31, Manchester; Charles Coles, 24, Raymond; Jeffrey Cor coran, 17, Andover, Mass.; Joseph D. Cormier, 19, St. Marie Kent, NB; Scott Coutts, 19, Pittsburg; Donald R. Cox, 39, Canoga Park, Calif.; Donald L. Carane, 42, Hamp ton; Michael N. Crochier, Sr., 28, Greenfield, Mass.; Allen D. Cunningham, 28, Dover; Charles S. Curtis, 31, Fitchburg, Mass.; Arthur J. Gushing, 29, Rochester; Gary A. Cyr, 26, Lawrence, Mass.; William Damaziak, 19, Walpole; Brian K. Damon, 20, Fitzwilliam; Dennis Dawson, 25, Hartland, Vt.; Frederick E. Doe, 39, Belmont; Thomas R. Doherty, 36, Belmont, Mass.: Michael F. Donovan, 21, Hooksett; Sharon Dow, 29, Concord; Robert E. Ducharme, 28, Peterborough; Daniel F. Durant, 24, Goff stown; George E. Dyes, 41, Epping; Richard Eaton, Jaffrey; Walter M. Eaton, 21, Lebanon; Nancy J. Edmunds, 20, Boylston, Mass.; Jeffrey W. Emerton, 25, Lynn, Mass.; Russell C. Fisher, 33, Port smouth; Thoma Ray Ban Outlet s M. Fitz, 28, Manchester; Walter H. Fletcher, 19, West Lebanon; Newell W. Foster, 69, Kezar Falls, Maine. Also Robert J. Gallagher 26, N. Billerica, Mass.; Philip L. Garand 25, St. Johnsbury, Vt.; Edwin L. Gaudette, 61, Wilder, Vt.; Leonard Gauvareau, 54, Manchester; John W. Geary, 28, Charlestown; Alan Gibson, 19, Peterborough; Harriet Gillespie, 70, Dublin; Herbert R. Gillingham, 31, Berlin; Kenneth Gilman, 21, Wood sville; Geoffrey H. Grammel, 20, Fitchburg, Mass.; Louis Grandmaison, 64, Colebrook; Ronald Greaney, 31, Rochester; Alfred C. Griswold, 54, Keene; Fred Hammond, 24, Canaan; Den nis J. Goffstown; Robert G. Hazelton, 33, Manchester; George B. Home, 63, Rye; Edith Hurrell, 65, Lawrence, Mass.; Robert A. Jewett, 3l’, Lakeport; E. Richard Jones, 34. Stratham; Edward S. Judd, 18, Lowell, Mass.; Garold L. Judd, 30, Lebanon; Christopher J. Kennedy, 25. Winchester, Mass.; Robert Kenyon, 19, Concord; Paul D. Ladouceur, 34, Auburn; Ber nard LeVangie, 31, Walpole, Mass.; Morris A. Lennon, 42, Twin Mountain; Denis Lessard, 31. Manchester; Russell Littlefield, 53, Somersworth; Adreanne L. Locke, 27, Manchester; David D. Lopata, 28, Portsmouth; Juan R. Lopez, 25, Haverhill, Mass.; Wayne A. Lowe, 42, Laconia; Donald Lucier, 26, Somersworth; Samuel J. McBeth, 59, Dorchester; Anthony MacConnell, 18, Pollard Mills, Sean P. McDonnell, 20, Manchester; Arthur R. McGall, 35, Haverhill, Mass.; Ruth B. Mackinnon, 59, Salisbury, Mass.; Charles R. Mann, Bedford; Gerald 0. Manning, 19, Thetford, Vt.; Richard M. Mayo, 27, Newmarket; Corinne E. Merrill, 58, No. Conway; Donald S. Middleton, 20, Maiden, Mass.; Eric J. Miller, 25, Hampton; Edward J. Moran, 38, Ashland, Mass.; Joseph B. Moriarty, 60, Durham; Bruce Munroe, 19, Winchester; Joseph E. Murphy, 26, Warner. Also Joseph J. Nardella, Jr., 23, Lawrence, Mass.; William C. Neil, 20, Gorham; Diane M. Nygren, 21, Stow, Mass.; Joseph M. O’Brien, 40, Manchester; Laurence S. O’Rourke, 61, Manchester; Winona M. Osgoode, 38, Groveton; Harry A. Perkins, 29, Seabrook; Guy P. Pepin, 19, Florence, Mass.; Edward F. Pettipaw, 23, Bellingham, Mass.; Harry A. Pfaff, Jr., 28, Suncook; Nelson R. Porter, 61, Hartland, Vt.; Donald K. Powers, 25, Marlboro, Mass.; Robert Pratt, 43, Concord; Preston Quinley, Jr., 51, Sut ton; John D. Rafuse, 52, Prospect, Ct.; David Record, 36, Auburn; Arnold W. Regent, 34, Tilt on; Robert J. Reinhold, 21, Revere, Mass.; Betty S. Remillard, 23, Manchester; Shawn M. Riley, 24, Cornish Flat; Gottfried Robiller, 42, Fryeburg, Maine; Steven Rocke, 26, Canaan; Douglas M. Also John R. St. Albird, 17, Greenfield; John D., Seeley, Jr., 25, Lee; Emily L. Sheldon, 22, Brattleboro, Vt.; Gary L. Shirey, 20, Port smouth; Harry D. Smith, Jr., 46, Quincy, Mass.; Herbert J. Softy, Jr., 24, Littleton; Paul F. Stevens, 31, Kittery, Maine; Richard Stewart, 25, Northfield; Glen Swan, 21, Allenstown; Peter R. Thomas, 20, Hingham, Mass.; Teresa Tomaskovic, 19, Manchester: Richard Tonkin, 24, Concord; Joseph S. Tracey. 49. E. Hartford, Ct.: William E. Tracey, Jr., 26, Winthrop, Mass.; Edward R. Vicsek. 20. Hampton; Norman J. Turgeon, 30, Manchester; Graham Watson, 23, Colebrook; Robert C. Welch, 29. Quincy. Mass.: Stanton L. Wentworth; 30, Alton; Tracy Wolf, 22, Concord; Thomas M. Wright, 22, Manchester; Henry M. Williams, 74 Ashuelot; Clarence T. Wyatt, Jr., 31, Milton; Bernard E. Young, 54, Manchester; Thomas K. Young, 28, Plaistow. Reckless Operation Richard F. Donovan, 27, Hampton Beach; Norman D. Ferren, 20, Redstone; Robert C. Lacasse, 24, N. Stratford; Paul 0. Malo, 18, Hooksett; David R. Miner, 20, Salisbury, Mass.; Gerri R. Noack, 20, Hampton; Scott T. Rocke, 17, Canaan Center; Orman C. Watkins, 53, N. Hampton. Three Convictions Frederick W. Almeida, 31, Bristol; Jerald L. Amaral, 24, Conway; Raymond G. Boucher, 27, Greenville; Mark E. Callahan, 19, Bed ford; John M. Doleszny, 21, Brattleboro, Vt.; Jhan B. Gilmore, 19, No. Conway; Daniel J. Heisey, 39, Durham; Stephen J. Herbert, 24, Manchester; George P. Lussier, 38, Bedford; Jerry C. Nigro, 21, Westville; Kevin Smart, 20, Exeter; Donald B. Thibeault, 24, Colebrook; Sarah A. Touart, 25, Laconia; Joseph A. Zock, 23, Durham. Implied Consent Leon P. Bedard, Jr., 40, W. Franklin; Richard F. Burke, 36, West ville; Peter M. Carleton, 23, Concord; Errol W. Cole, 26, Raymond; Lawrence E. Fen ton, J Ray Ban Outlet r., 25, Lynn, Mass.; Bruce H. Langley, 21, Marlboro; Richard J. Levasseur, 46, Hooksett; Heinz P. J. Loll, 41, Paxton, Mass.; Kenneth J. Ploppert, 30, Keene; Charles H. Raymond, 35, Framingham, Mass.; Jon L. Sabean, 35, Abington, Mass.; Transporting Controlled Drug David Keller, 23, Tilton. Just Cause George Zachary, 24, Concord; Stephen Reed, 18, Concord. Rawson, 20, Swanzey. “A bird can’t fly on one wing.” But then, birds DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE Stale of New Hampshire Alcohol Safety Action Project of on Alcohol tna Drug for ‘Be My Valentine” With our Special Cash and Carry 5 delivered in Nashua a red white gingham pedestal vase filled with white chrysanthemums, red star flowers, and a heart OR PER TOD AY! SUPPLY LIMITED! Also, for your Valentine, Hanging plants, dish gardens, terrariums, and dried arrangements. We will also have a selected variety of blooming plants, or fresh flowers either as tasteful arrangements or cut flowers. HOUGH FLORIST 69 MAIN ST. 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