Ray Ban Outlet Naked Heat Chapter 2If you

Naked Heat Chapter 2

If you’re on your way to becoming as much of a Ri Ray Ban Outlet chard Castle novel junkie as Detective Beckett, you’ve already breezed through the chapters posted online. While you count down the hours until the full novel is released, our Naked Heat book club continues with this week’s installment.

Chapter 2The team finds novelist Jameson Rook in the kitchen of the victim’s apartment listening to Beatles music on his iPhone to combat the awkward silence of death. Rook tells Det. Nikki Heat that the victim is Cassidy Towne, a high profile New York City gossip columnist. Rook found Towne’s body and checked to see if she was dead by clapping loudly, which makes Heat laugh loudly despite herself. Meanwhile, it’s possible the girl had a pulse that went undetected. Rook was shadowing Towne for weeks for a (very familiar sounding) story on powerful women. This scene illustrates why Heat is what’s known as an “unreliable third person narrator.” We can’t trust anything from her perspective, because running into an ex whom you still have feelings for is like taking a very strong hallucinogenic that makes you see t Ray Ban Outlet hings no one else does. During her subtext laden questioning of Rook, it’s as if there are giant, bespectacled worms in the room, all taunting Heat in the same sing song voice, “He was probably sleeeeeeping with herrrrrr.” Heat sup Ray Ban Outlet presses these feelings and asks, “You didn’t kill her, did you?” which is about as effective a strategy as the clapping. He didn’t do it, nor was he sleeping with Towne (the greater offense).

Heat checks out the crime scene and discovers that all the garbage cans are empty and the trash unaccounted for. This is strange only because there’s a city wide garbage strike. Lauren, the medical examiner, says Towne was stabbed in the back. This is strange only because of its heavy handed symbolism. They learn from Towne’s assistant that the columnist didn’t believe in computers, which might explain why a filing cabinet was taken from the apartment, a major inconvenience for a murderer thief who was probably expecting to find a Mac. Meanwhile, Det. Ochoa and Lauren are really into each other, so much so that Ochoa accompanies her and the dead body to the morgue. As he’s awkwardly inviting her to his soccer game, three men with ski masks and guns break into the van and steal the body (read: the third wheel). The New Yorkers sitting behind the van in traffic are, predictably, only concerned that an empty gurney is blocking their cars. Rook and Heat get a tip about the Coyote Man murder from chapter one and agree to work together again.

Themes, Motifs and Symbols

1. The city wide garbage strike.

No one is coming to pick up the trash. What happens when people are forced to live with that which they wanted to discard? What sort of things do we metaphorically put in large plastic bags? Does symbolic garbage not also have a stench?”I can’t think of any coyote that would steal a man’s wallet.”

“On the short drive back to the precinct Nikki left voice mail for Don, her combat trainer, to rain check her busted morning jujitsu workout with him. The ex Navy SEAL was probably in the showers by that time, no doubt having found another sparring partner. Don was a no strings, no worries guy. Same for their sex, when they had it. They both had no trouble finding other sparring partners there, either, and the no strings relationship made for a mutu Ray Ban Outlet ally workable life design.