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Ray Bans National Student Money Week

National Student Money Week

Money Week Competitions

Through out N Ray Bans ational Student Money Week (Monday February 10th Friday February 14th 2014) we are offering you the chance to ask us questions you may have over money matters and also the chance to win a range of prizes.

Our competitions are running throughout the week and you can take part in person while we are out Ray Bans and about across campus. Ray Bans Find out where we are every day of the week here. Or you can take part by clicking on one of the competitions below.

Piggy Dip

Everyone’s a winner give us a money saving tip, get a ticket from one of our money week assistants , take it to the desk and collect your prize that’s it! Prizes include piggy banks, keyrings, bags, water bottles Creme Eggs. Take a look at the photos and if you know where he is you could win, if you don’t know have a guess!

20 each day

How Much is in Piggy?

Guess how much money is in the piggy bank. The closest guess wins. He will be with us at our stand if you want to check his weight in person .
Ray Bans
The money in PiggyBy sticking to a shops basic or unbranded range you can save yourself quite a bit of money and you might not even be able to “taste the difference”. But what’s the price difference between the two?