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Ray-Ban Sunglasses My own guitar bagWell, I m

My own guitar bag

Well, I made a tutorial forthose crafting inclined souls out there. HAPPY SEWING! PLEASE D Ray-Ban Sunglasses O NOT SELL ANY GUITAR BAG THAT YOU END UP MAKING. THANKS.

UPDATE (Suggested by Renee heehee)

MATERIALS NEEDED: half a meter of thick fabric for the body (i used thick pink canvas for mine); fabric for the lining; fabric in contrasting color for the s Ray-Ban Sunglasses cratchplate; bias tape; silver y fabric; buttons; silver thread; grosgrain for the strap; adjuster for the strap.

1. Print a guitar image onto an A4 paper. Trace your image; 2 for the body, 2 for lining, 2 for your scratchplate.

Read the rest of this tutorial HERE.

Hi, I go on your website daily and love it!!. I love to read anything about bags or related discussions. I have a quick question. I am torn between two Louis Vuit Ray-Ban Sunglasses ton handbags. I am interested in the Neverfull MM and the Speedy 35. I am going with the Damier version. I am looking long term and would be interested in everyone opinion. I am more traditional than not and I am a stay at home mom. I did purchase a YSL muse bag over Christmas. I got the cranberry color. It Ray-Ban Sunglasses really is beautiful. Also, I am 40 years old. I want it to be age appropriate. Thanks so much for any suggestions.