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Ray-Ban Sunglasses My own reviews products info

My own reviews products info

Crazy for chic, Nam Taehyun Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this blog were purchased using my own pocket money, unless stated otherwise. I was not paid or compensated by any companies nor have any affiliation with any of the brand mentioned in here. All thoughts expressed in this blog are my own opinion. //how I wish somebody can sponsor me. coughskinfoodcoughetudecough

>> Product may cause different reaction and result in every person skin. The influence is skin t Ray-Ban Sunglasses ype, skin tone and allergic. For the appearance, fragrance and flavor may variant according to our pleasure. If you want to know the online stores that I purchase from, you can check out Ibuybeauti, W2Beauty and Koreadepart. I need to know what you looking for first. w; But since you looking for a big size toner that concentrating on pores, I would recommend you to check out Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner! You can get it for $16.99 at Ibuybeauti (clicky here)with a free shipping! Add $2.50 for tracking number. I read a lot of good reviews for this toner so I hope it will do wonders on your skin too! I personally have used it before but sadly I can really remember the effect it gave on my skin as it was few years ago. Your skin is acne prone so I would recommend you to treat your acne first. Since you still confuse on how to mix your skincare products (using different purpose products/different brands at the same time) I recommend you to use all your skincare products (from toner to cream) from the same brand and line (same purpose) first. My recommendation is Skinfood Parsley Mandarin line. Or if you still want to mix with products from another line or brand you can try this routine = Toner Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner / Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner / TN AC Control Recipe, Serum = Skinfood Parsley Mandarin Serum, Moisturizer/Emulsion/Lotion Skinfood Parsley Mandarin Emulsion / TN AC Control Lotion, Cream = Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream. Sorry I was joking with my friend during that time! Sorry I will change back my age to my real age! lol. can help you. But I think both line is the same it just the premium one is the updated/new version. I not really sure tho ;w; Sorry again that I can help you. Have a nice day! and sorry I can accept your thanks as I not really helping over here ;w;

Hey guys! Today I’m back with another review sponsored byIbuybeauti! I’ve been playing2048lately and so far my high score is only around 15k; w; I still can’t beat my brother’s high score! His high score is around 26k something and I hate it that he has been showing off to me by saying that his score is really low (when it’s not) so many times. = A =; Anyway,my mom loves to play this game too that she basically plays it everyday and every night before she goes to sleep lol but still. her high score is only around 3k. LOL. I feel bad for her. but I did make fun of her score too LOL I’m no different from my brother. Haha. Don’t worry mom, your score will go up eventually after all the practicing, LO Ray-Ban Sunglasses L. Before I start with my review, special thanks to MissMichellefor teaching me to use a wrapping paper as the BG! I still haven’t request for an approval yet tbh lol.

Alright time to back to the review! Have you guys ever thought of using asunbalm before? I really like the idea to add anothersun protectionproduct to myskin careroutine. It’s just sometime I feel like my sunblock alone even it’sSPF50is not enough as I might miss some spots during applying it. I saw asunblockwithSPF70andSPF110recently when I was looking for a sunblock for my brother (he was looking for a sunblock because he need to go camping for his company trip) and lol I just can’t help but feel like they’redangerousto use. My brother was afraid to pick the sunblock with higher SPF thanSPF50too. Imo, if you want to have more sun protection, it’s better to use more than one sun protection product rather than buy one sun protection product with a ludicrously high SPF. If it’s a sunscreen, make sure it’snot more thanSPF50as according to FDA, the proposed rule would limit the maximum SPF value on sunscreen labels to “50 +”, because there is not sufficient data to show that products with SPF values higher than 50 provide greater protection for users than products with SPF values of 50.

This is really heartbreaking. I can’t stop crying. Imagine if you’re the one inside the ferry. Imagine if you’re the survivor and you lose your friends, most of your classmates, teachers or worst your family. Imagine if your mother, father, sister or brother is the one who is trapped inside the ferry. Just imagine, even imagining alone saddened me like crazy. I would be extremely devastated if I had a family member or friend trapped inside the ferry.

I heard some people said these conversations above are fabricated and I’m not Ray-Ban Sunglasses really sure but still it is very saddening. My deepest condolonces, my prayers and thoughts are with those affected by this heart wrenching accident.

Tell me how is this not heart breaking? Tell me if looking at these pictures and seeing these families mourning over their loved ones’ deaths and you don’t feel angry, upset, mad or even in rage with the people who are responsible for those innocent young lives? I can’t hold my tears when seeing these families crying tormenting when they received the news of their loved ones passing away. My heart ached, and I’m not even their relative or family! Imagine how much torting these families have to endure while waiting to receive the news of their husband, wife, son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, sister, brother, cousin, or friend on the dead list! And what about the ones who are still waiting for their loved ones’ name to be listed on that list? And what about the ones who don’t even know if their loved ones’ body will ever be found? It is just fucked up! This whole incident would of never happened if those selfish crews captain could just care less about themselves more about those innocent people! Man, how can they live the rest of their life knowing that they’re the cause of this!

This incident has been affecting a lot of people not just the South Korean. We’ve all been praying hoping for miracle to happen! We’ve all been praying for God to savor those innocent young lives! Time is ticking, and more bodies were found. But don’t lose HOPE! Keep on praying hoping because that’s what the best we can do right now!

I just don’t know what else to say because looking at this, I think a lot about my life my loved ones. I think to myself that could’ve been me or my family. I realized how blessed I am to still be alive breathing like this. So I want to say THANK YOU to God for always give me my family such blessing. I’m thankful to be alive have my family with me. I’m thankful for so many things in life because like they always say: You never know what you have until you lose them. I will never take life for granted because it is too precious to take it for granted.

South Korea! I will continue to pray for Ray-Ban Sunglasses you!

Hey guys! How are you guys doing lately? I can’t stop listening to High4 ft IU Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossom! Have you guys listened to it? It’s so fresh and light that I can listen to it so many times! It’s basically my jam right now.( ) I just finished watching BOTC and I’m really sad that both EC (Emergency Couple) and BOTC already ended; A; So to replace them I started watching Angel’s Eye, Hotel King and Witch’s Romance. So far I really love Angel’s Eye (it’s so sad)and Witch’s Romance but not really favoring Hotel King (I’ll still watch it tho XD).

Alright back to the review, today I’ll be reviewing, TA DAAAA! Laneige Water Drop Tint! I’ve been eyeing on this tint since Laneige introduced it on their website (). Not surprising, this lip tint is one of Laneige’s top sellers!

Has a water fitting formula (Ethylcelluous) that helps to maintain optimal hydration throughout the day with long last intense color.

Synergy effect between of the oil of low viscosity and water fitting formula. Thehigh glossy silicon oil of low viscosity penetrating into the water formula produces a high shine. It also allows for easy application through one swipe without the stickiness.

{ Directions }Apply primer Apply tint Gradation Finish

{ Colors }Raspberry Pink, Camellia Red, Orchid Violet, Apricot Orange,Pure Pink, Neon Pink, Hot Pink, Rose Mauve, Fuchsia Pink, Scarlet Red, Red Orange, Peach Coral