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i i. NEWS FBOM SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES Written by The Reporter BASSETT Dies at Canal Zone CHICKASAW Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wheelei Mrs. Hennetta Draves received ind son and Grandpa Wheeler ol the sad news Friday that her daughter Ida (Mrs. Harry Gooa roe) had passed away at the Canal Zone, where she hai spent the past two months husband. with her Mr. and Mrs Severt Knutson of Cresco were visitors in Sunday. Mibs Virginia accompan ied friends m town. ttli. uiiu iiiia. t, L. Cresco, Mrs Geo. Hanley and two child Ray Ban Outlet ren of Nashua, Mrs. ti. Link and son Elihue, Jr, Mr. and Mrs L. L. Link and son of Charles City were Sunday guests at the Fred Bennett home Several of the young people are busy painting the interior of the chuich basement, which will be a great imp’rovemenL A good delegation fcom here during the absence of Rev. C. M Goetzinger, who has been in City. Visiting pastors last were Rev. Wm Goetzinger very Rev. Thos. Rooney and Gregory Hemesath of Cou City, Rev. J. Flynn of tn Rev Murphy of Greene, Manternach of Stacyville, whj L. Ickel and Rev. Muenster New Hampton, R. A. of Cresco, Rev. Fitzpatrick wi Osage and Rev. Wiehe of th ac Mr and Mrs Ernest hi of Charles’Cjty visited his impi ents Thursday Mr and Mrs Ray Diesberg for Independence are spending at the home of parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. burc THE NASHUA BIPOBTtt Iton CettteniM Ewal Setoofc Tbos. Epperly, manager, and Ernest Neal, director, of the But ler County Rural Electric Co operative will attend a regional conference in Dubuque, Oct. 6 7, at which some 300 nutrition specialists, State school superm entertained company from Oiagc Sunday. The Royal Neighbors met Wed nesday with Mn> Helen Parker The ladies are busy making form als for their convention next month ut Rudd Mr. and Mrs Cecil Michael, Dickie and Donna and Mr and Mrs Wm. France re turned late Uuesdjy evening Irom an enjoyable JOOO mile trip into Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. Boyd home Mrs J D Mrs Ben and Mrs Harriet Sisson were dinner guests Fuday of Mr and Mrs Reginald Schult? of Charles City A very pleasant da> was spent with the Schult? family and Mrs Schultz’ mother, Mrs Svvmton of Nashua Mrs Fred Wolfe was a visitor Thursday afternoon at tne Mis John Carey home Mr and Mrs Phil Bissonnctte and family of Charles City weie Sunday visitors with his sistei, Mrs. John Rodamaker and fami Ray Ban Outlet ly Mr and Mrs J H. Carc> and son of Charles City spent Sunday at the Mrs John Carey home Mr and Mrs Harold Roda makei and family attended a birthday dinner at the Leonard Trask home Sunda> celcbiatmg sociation held in New Hampton last week. Sept 17th ana 18th. Mr and Mrs N H Hughes and daughtei motored to Northvvood Sunday to visit her sister and family. Mrs Haydcn has returned from Waterloo Sunday where she hau been visiting the past two week1; m company with her son and wife who were going to Ma Ray Ban Outlet son City to spend the da> with their daughter’s family Mrs Bennett went to New Hampton Monday where she is receiving treatments Mr and Mrs O P Hammond of Charles City were supper guests Sunday with the former’s mother, Mrs C A Hayden The public school held a carni at the school house Friday night. Miss Ruby Wegner was chosen queen with Miss Dorothy Idler a close second choice Billy Dudley entertained his roomamtes and teachers by treat ing them to ice cream in honor of his birthday anniversary Fri day afternoon Mrs Hugh McElroy and her class of girls enjoyed a picnic nnd roast on the Wapsie bank Thursday afternoon. Mrs A M Dexter conducted church services in New Hampton Sundaj morning The Ladies of the Congrega tional church are planning a noon luncheon for Thursday, Oct Guests at the Otis Walker home 9. at the basement of the church hi , mother Dons and Donald Watts of They ic Mison City spent Sunday with tendents, and REA system mana gers wil formulate plans for put ting the REA Nutrition Program to action in this area. In line with the Nation’s efforts to improve nutrition, both for the period of the defense emergency and for later years, the REA pro gram will make it possible for every rural school in this area is served by an REA preparation center. In this area there are approximately sixty such schools. The centers would provide electrical equipment for processing and preserving health building foods. Arrangements will be made for the schools to borrow from (he Butler County REA the funds for purchasing the equipment accord ing to Mr. Epperly. Several lead ing equipment manufacturers have agreed to give the schools a special discount, he said Mr. Epperly outlined the bene fits which might be expected in this area if community, the people of school officials the and the past was and siitcr. Florence turned to their home in Milwau kee Thuisdiv Ernest Huffman of Wnterloo ind Gerald who is m the Navy at San Diego, Calif sev eral days this week with their mother. Mis Fannie Huffman Wilford Huffman of Sioux Falls S Dak. Dr. and Mrs Lynn of Goldfield visited Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Clarence Nelson Mrs Eva Peterson spent Sat urday with her friend, Miss Elsie Pyle in Greene. Charles Cagley of Witcrloo spent the week end with home folks. Misses Elna Cagley, Ednan Cook, Marjonc Ullom and Mrs J M Nelsen spent Saturday in Cedar Falls and Waterloo Mr and Mrs Carl Grawe of Waverly nnd their son, Lieutenant Frederick Grawe of the U S Marines, who is located at San Diego, Calif, called on Miss Waite Wednesday of last week Mr. near Plamfield visited Sunday at the Lcvi home. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Troutncr of Nashua, Miss Grace Troutncr, of Charles City, and Mr and Mrs Joe Grawe of Waverly were call ers Sunday at the home of Miss Lora Waite. Mrs. J. M. Baldwin iccompan ied her son, Keith Baldwin and wife to Waterloo Thursday where they spent the day. Mrs. Carrie her sister. Mrs, Homer Carle, Satur day. We Take Orders for Rubber Stamps Prompt Service Guaranteed THE NASHUA REPORTED IONIA Hugn Caglcy of Baibott their parents, Mr and Mrs Ralph Watts Mr and Mrs Paul Rader and Martin Jordan of Clear Lnke were Ionia visitors Sunday Mrs Elmer True and children of Mison City visited r t the Al bert Herzos ho Ray Ban Outlet me Sundny PL’UNFTELD To Observe Golden Wedding On Sunday, Oct 5, Mr. and ia Chailes Farnsworth will ob their Golden Wedding An been Wyo K v isitea Monda> e ciung with hoi paicntb, Mi and Mib J A liiown Mi. . 111, were visitors Mrs Woodworth served lunch Mrs Lita Small has been cn ,ov ins a visit from her daughter, Mrs Grover Little of Napcrvillc, 111 this week Mr nnd Mrs Earl Huffman are running hamburger stand at the Cattle Congress this week Ma donna and Rita Fmnegan are helpers Supt and Mrs John Cook, Miss Swart7, Wolff, Miss Nacfke motored to Orchard Sunday even ing nnd called on Supt and Mrs Hahn Mrs Ed Artes and Mrs Budack v isited Mrs Dudley at Mason City nospital Thursday Show night has been changed from Tuesday night to Monday nivcrsary They will hold open house for ill their many friends during the afternoon Bob Thompson, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Ben Thompson and Lawrence Phclps, son of Tom Phclps, recent draftees, have transferred to Cheyenne, B Orcutt will give his talk on Mexico before a Women’s club gathering at Grundy Center, Mon ‘lay, Oct C Mrs H D Blewett of Colwell Rev and Mrs Edgar Walker Wednesday Mrs Cora Hastings visited at Willow Lake the past week Mr and Mrs Marsh Melling ton returned Friday from a vaca tion part of which was spent